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Colonia, Uruguay

Posted: 22 September 2009 . / Categories: Where's Zim?

So how was Colonia? It was a really wonderful visit, perhaps because the weather was perfect, blue skies with little white clouds. There were people out and about enjoying the good weather and the cafes had spilled into the sidewalks with live music to boot!


Tomorrow off to Patagonia.


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off to Uruguay today

Posted: 20 September 2009 . / Categories: Where's Zim?

After 3 days in Buenos Aires I feel like I’ve seen mostly everything I wanted to see and now it’s off to the World Heritage site Colonia – which is accross the bay in Uruguay. Let’s see what’s there. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some video footage tonight.

Day 2 Buenos Aires – more rain.

Posted: 18 September 2009 . / Categories: Where's Zim?

Well Buenos Aires is not what I was expecting that’s for sure.

I spent a second day walking around and seeing both the major and minor sites of the city. I mostly got rained (again).I am finding that Buenos Aires, much like Turkey, is a very pleasant surprise. The city is very clean, the beggers and hawkers were far and few between (even fewer here than in Turkey), mostly everyone is friendly and it’s all very modern. It feels a lot like the city of Marseille in southern France or even Montreal, Canada. The streets and buildings here are very reminiscent of Europe, just a little more modern. I’m also surprised by the lack of street food. Thus far I have only seen candied peanuts and hotdogs. It has also been surprising that many restaurants seem to be non smoking; and although they do smoke here it’s not as popular as I would have assumed.

The other surprising aspect life here is the Italian influence. Apparently 30% of all Argentinians can trace their ancestry to Italy and hence the pasta! They do love pasta here. They also speak spanish with an italian accent, and of course they don’t say Adios here, they say Ciao!

In my usual fashion of speed tourism I feel that I have already seen just about everything note worthy and have started in on the “less” noteworthy. Only to find that thus far the less noteworthy is more interesting.

And the photos of the day are pets. The first is a cat who doesn’t seem to want his picture taken. And the other  was taken when I passed a pet shop. Two women were standing at their window giggling so I stopped. There was a fellow in the window holding an animal that looked a lot like a monkey. So I stopped. The critter was being held up on his hind legs and seemed to have a skinny body with a big head. If you look closely it is a furry cat that just got a nice close hair cut!


Buon Dia Argentina!

Posted: 17 September 2009 . / Categories: Where's Zim?

Well perhaps it’s not such a great day in Argentina, but the fact that I finally arrived safe and sound I guess makes it a good day! After multiple delays I’ve arrived into a very modern Buenos Aires, albeit, cold and cloudy. My heart tells me I should climb into this wonderful looking bed and just relax but my mind tells me there is much to explore. So I am compromising and posting this blog instead.

Below are two pictures of flat Corbin. Corbin is a young friend who asked if the flat version of himself could travel with me on this trip, so I agreed. This is him at the Delta Sky lounge at La Guardia Airport and the second picture is him in the taxi just now on the way into Buenos Aires from the airport. You can anticipate seeing more of flat Corbin on this trip, why not right? Especially now that I have him wearing a Zim Photography uniform!

I suppose I have stalled enough and should start my day huh?

(I left my hotel soon after writing this post but since the internet was down I could not send it until now)

Off to Argentina

Posted: 16 September 2009 . / Categories: Where's Zim?

Well I’m finally heading out of the country again. This time it’s Argentina! Flight takes off at 4 pm today.

I was up until 4 this morning prepping for my trip. I wonder if it’s just because I always get anxious before a trip?

A little further west…Invitational Art Exhibition (Oakbrook, IL)

Posted: 31 August 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

Once again back in the other direction. This time to Chicagoland! I’ll be at the Invitational Art Exhibition at the Oakbrook Mall this weekend. The show season is slowly winding down! I’ll probably head out on Thursday as to break up the 13 hour drive.

Here’s the event information: http://www.oakbrookcenter.com/html/events.asp

Portland, Me (Sidewalk Arts Festival)

Posted: 19 August 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

It’s now just past the middle of the show season and boy am I feeling tired! Although I’m really looking forward to this quick one day show in Portland. I’m hoping we have a repeat of last year with a perfect crowd and perfect weather!

Once again it will be in downtown Portland August 22. Click here for more information

My booth number is A23 this year!

Mt. Gretna, Pa

Posted: 14 August 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

The question is not only, where is Mt. Gretna? but what IS Mt. Gretna. I don’t really know the answer to the later question but suffice to say that often Mt. Gretna is difficult to find on maps. But here I am this weekend at the Mt. Gretna Outdoor Art Show . It’s actually in the middle of Pennsyvania, and I believe this is dutch country. So tomorrow I think I will try  something called cream cake! hmmmm.  Visit me at the show folks!

ohhh Mystic.

Posted: 13 August 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

Overall Mystic went well. I received a wonderful little email from a patron earlier this week and thought it was worth sharing:

>  After having walked around for almost 2 hours at the festival
> today,  it was comforting to see the Human Rights Campaign logo.
> The logo drew me into your exhibit.   There was an aura of peace
> within your exhibit which your photography brought out even more.
> After leaving I had to go back and get your card to Thank you.

After the very abundant number of really dumb comments I got about my “culture” and my “good English” it was nice to receive this message. Thanks Ms. Margaret!

Looking for Mystic Pizza!

Posted: 03 August 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

I feel like I spend my time just driving back and forth between the Midwest and the East coast! I guess I am. This weekend (Aug 8-9) I’m heading back to the famous Mystic Outdoor Art Festival for the first time in about 3 years! I’m really looking forward to getting some of that Mystic Pizza and reconnecting with people I have not seen in a while! My work has changed a lot since the last time I was there last!

Here’s the link to the even: http://mysticchamber.org/?sec=sec&s=44

Photo Tip #9: Bigger is NOT better… camera advice.

Posted: 28 July 2009 . / Categories: Photo Tips

Many people like to ask me for advice on buying cameras and these days, I will be honest, it’s pretty hard to keep up with the latest and greatest. So I really don’t like to  recommend specific brands or models unless I just happen to be looking at them but there are some general guidelines that I like to share with those who call me looking for advice on a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera [a camera where you can change the lenses] First remember this “the bigger the camera the shorter the distance between you and the car”.

So before you go spending a lot of money on a big piece of equipment think to yourself what you really want to be doing with it and then consider how often you are going to be doing that. Plenty of people tell me they are going on a safari and want those National Geo shots of the tigers and they want to be able to do it for less than $350! faaahgetaboutit! and besides, how many times are you going to be doing that? So be practical. Get a small camera, a point and shoot. One that you will WANT to use all the time.

Okay okay, you are again thinking – where’s the advice??? 1. Optical Zoom is better than digital zoom (why? optical zoom is accomplished by the glass in the camera. Digital zoom is software which guesses what the image would look like if it had a longer zoom lens) 2. Buy as much megapixels as you can afford, but consider how big you most often enlarge your images to and buy enough megapixels to accomplish just a little bit more than that. 3. a large sensor can be more valuable than the number of megapixels – you’ll need to do a little digging to find out what the actual size of the sensor is for each camera. 4. A short zoom is generally better than a ginormous zoom; the glass quality usually drops with a longer zoom. 5. simplicity. Most cameras add more and more bells and whistles which you need to navigate around. Try to go with the simpler model. 6.Buy a nice big memory card!

If you have questions feel free to send me an email.

Back to the midwest… Akron Arts Expo

Posted: 21 July 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

You know it’s a sad thing when you think that an eight hour drive is a short distance. But alas I have come to a place where I think an eight hour drive really is! it sure beats 10 or 12 hours!

This weekend I’ll be heading back to the Midwest. This time it’s going to be the Akron Arts Expo at Hardesty Park in Akron, OH!  For more information you can visit http://akronartsexpo.org/ 

The event will be 2 days, July 25 & 26.

Westport Fine Arts Festival

Posted: 14 July 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

This weekend it’s really close to home. I’m looking forward to being able to sleep in my own bed and the comfort of my own pillow.

I’ll be at the Westport Fine Arts Festival this weekend in downtown Westport, CT. For those of you who have not seen it yet. I’ll be showing my “big” prints this weekend. It’s a much bolder approach to presenting my work than in the past.

Heading to the Ocean State – RI!

Posted: 09 July 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

After a long weekend in the Hamptons for the fourth, this week it’s off to the biiiig Ocean State of Rhode Island. I’m looking forward to my Del’s lemonade! Maybe this year will be the year I finally get my “coffee milk!”

Visit my booth at the Wickford Art Festival #226 (same as last year).

Art in the Village Lyndhurst, OH

Posted: 02 June 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

After a couple of weeks off it’s time to head to OHIO this weekend. I’m looking forward to a peaceful drive through Pennsylvania. Yes I know I’m crazy.

Visit me at the 19th Annual Art in the Village (formerly known as Beachwood Arts Festival) this weekend June 5-7! Click here for more information: Show INFO

Manayunk Arts Festival (Jun 27-28)

Posted: 02 June 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

A little closer to home this weekend! Down to the Philly area for the Manayunk Arts Festival in Manayunk, PA.

For more information click here: SHOW INFO

Photo Tip #8: I like lots of chips.

Posted: 12 May 2009 . / Categories: Photo Tips

In this age of digital phototography we are no longer carrying pounds and pounds of film but just a tiny itty bitty little memory chip. Although this is great and will help take pressure off of your back there are some drawbacks. The first, and seemingly not so obvious, problem is that it’s tiny! So what? so you can loose it that’s what! But you’re thinking Zim, “I only have one memory chip and it lives in my camera and it never comes out!” If that is the case then for the most part this problem wouldn’t worry you, however my tip is that you should carry 1-2 extra chips. “But Zim, my little chip is capable of taking 10,000 pictures!” Yes, this is true, but let me remind you that you are carrying a piece of electronic equipment which can fail on you at anytime for any reason. And that memory chip? It can do that too. So do you really want your entire trip to be held on one chip?

Then there is the other question, what if you loose that camera? if you do, all off the photos go with it. So you change your chip occassionally and put the used one in a safe place. But since it is sooo small you may want to put it in some sort of plastic case or wallet or something bright in color!

So big chip may not be the best thing to have because you have a greater risk of loosing more images. Lastly, backUP, backUP, backUP. Make sure you don’t just keep putting information on that chip. Be sure to burn it to a cd or a couple of hard drives.

Bethesda Fine Arts Festival (May 9-10)

Posted: 07 May 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

This season sure is getting off to a quick start! Feels like last year just ended! I’m heading down to Bethesda, MD tomorrow for the Fine Arts Festival. I’ll be showing a lot of new work from the last couple of trips (Korea & Turkey). Here’s the link to the show: http://www.bethesda.org/arts/artsfestival.htm

Hoboken Arts & Music Festival (5/3)

Posted: 01 May 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

Looks like I’ll be heading across the river this weekend to New Jersey for the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival! It’s in downtown Hoboken on Sunday from 10-5!

Photo Tip #7: Save Everything!

Posted: 20 March 2009 . / Categories: Photo Tips

So most of us are shooting digital now. So most are shooting more images than they would have in the past, but there seems to be a tendancy to discard more images than we did in the past also. It’s just too easy. When pictures were negatives we discarded nothing. Now we just delete everything we don’t like and I think that’s a problem because I believe we are discarding our history. So save save save. Hard Drive space is cheap and getting cheaper by the second, so buy another and be sure back everything up too!

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