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Stamford Art Festival – this is it, last show of the year!

Posted: 24 September 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

This weekend will be the last show of the year and I get to sleep in my own bed! yeahhhh! After this I will be thinking about going to Syria in March!

Stop by and help me make this a great show!
Stamford Art Festival

This season is slowly winding down. Alexandria, VA this weekend.

Posted: 09 September 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

It’s been a long brutal summer and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This weekend I’ll be heading south to the Alexandria Festival of Art. In Alexandria, VA!

Here’s the link to the show: Alexandria Festival of Art

Visit me at the Oakbrook Mall, in Oakbrook, IL!

Posted: 01 September 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

Although it’s going to be a long weekend the show is only 2 days. Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and see me, while you’re at it, could ya bring me some ice cream too?

Oakbrook Fine Arts Invitational

I love Portland, ME

Posted: 30 August 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

Or is it ME! I love Portland? Thanks everyone for stopping by and for a great show in Portland. I had a great time! Look forward to returning next year!

Off to the Portland Sidewalk Arts Festival this weekend!

Posted: 26 August 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

Another weekend another trip north. I must say, I always look forward to going to Portland! Why? because the folks are always so nice to me! And this year, I’m gonna take some time to do some kayaking before hand! If you don’t see me at the show on Saturday please the Coast Guard to go looking for me in the bay!

Here’s the who info! LINK

Back from Minneapolis & now Mystic, CT 8/14-8/15

Posted: 12 August 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

What a great weekend in Minneapolis! But now I’m headed to Mystic, Ct this weekend. I hope the weather is nice. It was pretty warm last year, although not as bad as the previous year!

Visit me in Mystic! http://mysticchamber.org

Uptown Art Fair, Minneapolis, MN

Posted: 03 August 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

Tomorrow it’s off to the Uptown Art Fair. It starts this friday Friday at noon!


Wickford this weekend!

Posted: 08 July 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

After a long weekend off, I’m really looking forward to heading to Wickford, RI tomorrow. Gotta get my Del’s lemonade!


Wilkes-barre Fine Arts Fiesta (5/20-23)

Posted: 18 May 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

Back to Wilkes Barre this week! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone there! Please help keep me away from those potato pancakes and those cookies from Circles Deli!

Here’s the info: http://fineartsfiesta.org/

Bethesda Fine Arts Festival (May 8-9)

Posted: 05 May 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

Off to the Bethesda Fine Arts Festival this weekend in Bethesda Maryland. If you are around stop by my booth!


Crafts at Lyndhurst (Tarrytown, NY)

Posted: 29 April 2010 . / Categories: Next Event

Just got back from a great weekend in Austin and now it’s Crafts at Lyndhurst this weekend.


A little further west…Invitational Art Exhibition (Oakbrook, IL)

Posted: 31 August 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

Once again back in the other direction. This time to Chicagoland! I’ll be at the Invitational Art Exhibition at the Oakbrook Mall this weekend. The show season is slowly winding down! I’ll probably head out on Thursday as to break up the 13 hour drive.

Here’s the event information: http://www.oakbrookcenter.com/html/events.asp

Portland, Me (Sidewalk Arts Festival)

Posted: 19 August 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

It’s now just past the middle of the show season and boy am I feeling tired! Although I’m really looking forward to this quick one day show in Portland. I’m hoping we have a repeat of last year with a perfect crowd and perfect weather!

Once again it will be in downtown Portland August 22. Click here for more information

My booth number is A23 this year!

Mt. Gretna, Pa

Posted: 14 August 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

The question is not only, where is Mt. Gretna? but what IS Mt. Gretna. I don’t really know the answer to the later question but suffice to say that often Mt. Gretna is difficult to find on maps. But here I am this weekend at the Mt. Gretna Outdoor Art Show . It’s actually in the middle of Pennsyvania, and I believe this is dutch country. So tomorrow I think I will try  something called cream cake! hmmmm.  Visit me at the show folks!

ohhh Mystic.

Posted: 13 August 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

Overall Mystic went well. I received a wonderful little email from a patron earlier this week and thought it was worth sharing:

>  After having walked around for almost 2 hours at the festival
> today,  it was comforting to see the Human Rights Campaign logo.
> The logo drew me into your exhibit.   There was an aura of peace
> within your exhibit which your photography brought out even more.
> After leaving I had to go back and get your card to Thank you.

After the very abundant number of really dumb comments I got about my “culture” and my “good English” it was nice to receive this message. Thanks Ms. Margaret!

Looking for Mystic Pizza!

Posted: 03 August 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

I feel like I spend my time just driving back and forth between the Midwest and the East coast! I guess I am. This weekend (Aug 8-9) I’m heading back to the famous Mystic Outdoor Art Festival for the first time in about 3 years! I’m really looking forward to getting some of that Mystic Pizza and reconnecting with people I have not seen in a while! My work has changed a lot since the last time I was there last!

Here’s the link to the even: http://mysticchamber.org/?sec=sec&s=44

Back to the midwest… Akron Arts Expo

Posted: 21 July 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

You know it’s a sad thing when you think that an eight hour drive is a short distance. But alas I have come to a place where I think an eight hour drive really is! it sure beats 10 or 12 hours!

This weekend I’ll be heading back to the Midwest. This time it’s going to be the Akron Arts Expo at Hardesty Park in Akron, OH!  For more information you can visit http://akronartsexpo.org/ 

The event will be 2 days, July 25 & 26.

Westport Fine Arts Festival

Posted: 14 July 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

This weekend it’s really close to home. I’m looking forward to being able to sleep in my own bed and the comfort of my own pillow.

I’ll be at the Westport Fine Arts Festival this weekend in downtown Westport, CT. For those of you who have not seen it yet. I’ll be showing my “big” prints this weekend. It’s a much bolder approach to presenting my work than in the past.

Heading to the Ocean State – RI!

Posted: 09 July 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

After a long weekend in the Hamptons for the fourth, this week it’s off to the biiiig Ocean State of Rhode Island. I’m looking forward to my Del’s lemonade! Maybe this year will be the year I finally get my “coffee milk!”

Visit my booth at the Wickford Art Festival #226 (same as last year).

Art in the Village Lyndhurst, OH

Posted: 02 June 2009 . / Categories: Next Event

After a couple of weeks off it’s time to head to OHIO this weekend. I’m looking forward to a peaceful drive through Pennsylvania. Yes I know I’m crazy.

Visit me at the 19th Annual Art in the Village (formerly known as Beachwood Arts Festival) this weekend June 5-7! Click here for more information: Show INFO

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