Did I mention in the previous bitching blog that I’m in Chile and headed to Easter Island? Poor me. I know. :P

For those who did not catch the sarcasm in my humor, this part of the world really is unreal. I came here because I got a chance to go to Patagonia on the Argentinian side about 18 months ago and just had to see what else there was on the other side. It did not disappoint.

Below are the missing videos. I’m currently at a Hilton Garden in where the internet connection is shhhweeet.

So this is the island of PINGUINOS:

This is the view from my Cabana in Torres Del Paine

Arrived back into Santiago for one night and am staying at the lovely Hilton Garden Inn; supposedly one of their lower end hotels but I have to say I really dig this place and the restaurant? Was a complete surprise on the positive side. But this place is like in the middle of NO WHERE near the airport and there is NOTHING here! check out the lovely room and then see what my view is! OMG.

Anyhoo, tomorrow Easter Island, the BIG heads. I can ‘t wait.

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