So Hoi An was known as a trading town. Over the centuries the Chinese, Japanese,  and even Portuguese were among many who did business here. The result of this is multiple layers of cultural influence readily seen in the city’s architecture and food. Where as Sapa had decent food it was neither diverse nor particularly interesting, Hoi An offers a plethora of meal options and plenty of snacks. Although it was curious that many of the snacking options were only available during the day. The merchants here are also known for being able to tailor a man’s suit in just 24 hours. So I decided that I would have my camera bag altered. I had a previous alteration made to my bag in NYC and it cost me about 1 week’s time and $30. While this cost me $1 and about 10 minutes! Crazy. When I negociated the price the guy said, can you give me enough to have a couple cups of coffee? Fair enough!

Today I also got my friend’s camera fixed for $20, I consider it a rip off but at the end of the day his camera is working again!

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