Some of you may or may not know that I started a new business called New York City Photo Safari last year ( and we operate RAIN OR SHINE. The reason is that when you are traveling on the other side of the world, no matter what, you are going to go out and do your thing. Today was one of those days. I started the day in a small village near Sapa called Ta Phin. As soon as the car pulled into the village we were immediately accosted by 6 of the locals trying to sell stuff. Here’s a shot of my travel buddy and these women.

Again they are from the local hill tribes, one of several. Overall they were very nice to us and followed us everywhere. And by everywhere I mean everywhere. I wanted to walk up the hills to find shots of the terrace rice fields. Unfortunately about 40 minutes in it started to rain (right after I took offAND stowed my rain jacket – duh). There was a house with an overhang that we tucked under to take shelter under, then it poured. Then we were invited into the person’s house. It was quite basic with a dirt floor and a fire pit. We sat to wait it out; and although they did not offer us tea they did not ask for money either. It was rather pleasant.

After about 20 minutes we decided to cut our losses and head out. Here are a couple of videos from today:

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