My first day on the job today went well. It was long and hard and tomorrow will be two hours longer. But that’s not what I want to write about tonight. Tonight I want to talk about my minor celebrity status here in VN. Yes ME! So the other night after I arrived at my crappy little hotel that I usually stay at in Saigon (only because of it’s location); when I arrived the guys there remembered me.  So one of the guys who brought my stuff up to my room he says to me, “You were on TV weren’t you?” That was like 3 years ago that I was on national TV in Vietnam! I was like wow – he remembers! So I thought not much more about that until tonight. Tonight, I stopped at one of my favorite street stalls to get snacks. Over the previous several trips I had gotten to know this person but it’s been THREE years since the last trip and I wasn’t so sure she would remember me cause I’m just one of a thousand customers right? And I have only spent time eating there (mostly); it’s not like I’ve hung out with her family or something. So After I bought my stuff she says to me, you were on TV weren’t you?” I couldn’t believe it! And then, AND THEN she even mentioned why I was on tv, so not only did these folks remember that I was on TV they remembered what it was about!! Holy cow!

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