While here in Japan I am being hosted by a local. A local who is as much of a foodie as I am. He is dedicated to having me try something new everyday. This is my fourth trip here and unbelievably the best thing I’ve ever eaten in the country ain’t Japanese! Crazy. Yesterday I was taken to a “bread shop”, supposedly a famous and popular place. I was told that, there was some sort of special bread that you pulled apart. And though I was reluctant to go because we had just eaten a huge lunch, I agreed to do. Well there I ran into something kind of strange looking it looked like a baguette but it was very strange in color. Almost black. As a matter of fact it was darker than a black rye bread with what seemed like white chocolate chips melted on top. They had a little sample bowl and guess what? It was chocolate bread with white chocolate chips. It was nice and chewy like a really good artisan bread too! So hands down this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten in this country and it ain’t even Japanese.


Then at the local Circle K, and yes there are circle K’s here, I found some nice snacks. Melty Kiss, gonna have to try that one. Then there was the Fish jerky next to the beef jerky.

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