Arrived last night into Tokyo and immediately on a bus to yokohama. Once again an uneventful unexciting fight. Just the way I like to fly. I must say though, there was a lot more leg room on this flight than the last time I flew Delta. I was actually comfortable and not missing the exit row!If it weren’t for the woman sitting behind me kneeing my chair for nearly the entire 12 hours! When I arrived I was “treated” to a rare snow fall here in Yokohama; my hosts were going on about how “lucky” I am.  Geeee, let me jump for joy, cause I’ve never seen these white things flowing from the sky before because I live in NYC. OMG… Luckily none of it will stick.


Then this morning watched some Japanese Morning show talking entertainment gossip, hmmm. So some beautiful little actress is divorcing her rat bastard cheating husband who’s dating some young Spanish tramp. It’s apparantly a big scandal here. I’m like that’s kindergarten stuff man! Ok, Here’s a picture of the current Zim Air passengers enjoying their time in the Zim Air Cubic  Zirconia Sky Lounge. Due to more seats being sold on this flight the Zim Airplane passengers are having a great time getting to know each other. The interesting factoid on this flight is that all but one passenger is from california! how that happened I don’t know. So who’s traveling this time? we have one married couple, one mixed couple traveling only as friends (this is what I’m told anyway, although no questions were asked, because we respect people’s privacy here at Zim Air), there is also a group of 4 pretty young women traveling together looking for a good time, and lastly one lonely male from NYC also looking for a good time (I wonder if they will take advantage of the intimate traveling conditions on this trip?).

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